Powerslave (1996, Lobotomy Software for Sega Saturn) Powerslave is a towering masterpiece, a thrilling spectacle of action, adventure and atmosphere that grabs you by the throat and never lets go. It is a visual showcase for the Sega Saturn’s 3D polygon powers, just as these new immersive worlds were beginning to overwhelm the gaming world, … Continue Reading

Myst (1995, Cyan and Sunsoft for Sega Saturn) If memory serves, I received a copy of Myst for a freelance writing assignment for a videogame magazine that only lasted a couple issues. I was curious about this computer game, which had become a mainstream sensation on the Macintosh but was met with open skepticism by … Continue Reading

Digital Pinball: Necronomicon (1997, KAZe for Sega Saturn) If you’re a fan of pinball machines, Sega Saturn has you covered with no less than seven pinball games in its software library. Two of the best come from Japanese developer KAZe, who released the excellent Digital Pinball: Last Gladiators in 1995, which was followed two years … Continue Reading

Rampage World Tour (1997, Midway for Sega Saturn) Rampage is one of those genius ideas for a videogame that everybody loves. You play as a classic movie monster who invades crowded cities and stomps everything flat. You punch holes in buildings, break windows, munch down on terrified locals, and smash everything in sight. There is … Continue Reading

Sega Ages Vol. 1 (1997, Sega and Working Designs) In Japan, Sega released a series of retrospective discs for Saturn called Sega Ages, featuring many of their most beloved classic arcade and console videogames. In 1997, a compilation of three titles was assembled and released in the West under the title Sega Ages Vol. 1. … Continue Reading

Sonic R (1997, Traveller’s Tales for Sega Saturn) Sonic R is without question the most divisive software title in the Sega Saturn library, one that is either loved or hated. Both camps have long since entrenched their positions over the years, and it is all but impossible that the debate will ever be settled. In … Continue Reading

I had a lot of fun playing Virtua Racing on Sega Saturn. I was a big fan of the arcade version, and while the home translations on Genesis and 32X had their quirks, they never quite captured the whole experience for me. This third attempt is much better, and I spent many chilly afternoons in … Continue Reading

God Bless Sega. You can always count on them to screw it up in the clutch. It’s a miracle they were ever successful in the first place. Daytona USA on Sega Saturn is a spectacular arcade racing videogame that received no end of grief for its rough visuals, particularly the polygon “pop-up,” low 20 frames-per-second … Continue Reading

Daytona USA (1995, Sega AM2 for Sega Saturn) For detractors, Saturn Daytona was symbolic of everything that had gone wrong with Sega: the hubris, the arrogance, the lack of vision, the overconfidence. Compared to the Sony Playstation, which in 1995 could seemingly do no wrong, Daytona was a shambolic shambling of a mess, like a … Continue Reading

Worldwide Soccer: International Victory Goal (1995, Sega for Sega Saturn) Worldwide Soccer was a launch title for Sega Saturn in the Summer of 1995, and it very quickly became one of my favorites. I enjoyed it nearly as much as Panzer Dragoon, which is really saying something. Here was a true showcase for the new … Continue Reading