Farewell, Chicago Tribune

Art & photography book that documents the final days of the Chicago Tribune newspaper in the landmark building that bears its name. 135 color and monochrome photos.

144 pages. Release Date: 4/29/2019

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Author, artist and photographer Daniel Thomas MacInnes documents one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings, the Tribune Tower. Home to the venerated Chicago Tribune newspaper, this skyscraper has stood as one of the city’s most famous and celebrated landmarks.

This art book documents the newspaper’s final days at the Tribune Tower. It begins with a tour of the ground floor, which features famous quotes extolling the virtues of a free press, and a series of front-page plates of key events in the paper’s history, including World War II, the 1969 moon landing and the Watergate scandal.

We then take a visit to the observation deck, located along the back of the building. From this area, you can view Chicago’s skyscrapers along Lake Michigan and enjoy the building’s gothic architecture. Later, we visit the offices as Tribune Media employees packed their work stations and cleaned out their closets in preparation for their move to their new destination: One Prudential Plaza, located directly across the river.

Farewell, Chicago Tribune features 135 color and black-and-white photos of the exterior and interior of Tribune Tower, including exclusive photos of the interior offices during the newspaper’s final days in residence, as well as the new offices at Prudential Plaza. It demonstrates the author’s evolving skills in street photography, depicting representative and abstract portraits that illuminate, inspire and challenge readers. This book is an essential guide for lovers of Chicago, street photography and modern art.

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