Depeche Mode: Spirit

Art & photography book that chronicles Depeche Mode concert in Chicago. 150 color & monochrome photos.

156 pages. Release Date: 11/30/2018

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With 14 studio albums, 6 live albums and over 100 million albums sold, Depeche Mode are enduring pioneers of electronic, dance and alternative rock. They have been hailed by Q Magazine among the “50 Bands That Changed the World.” Their live concerts are electrifying, exciting and dynamic.

In this photography collection, writer and artist Daniel Thomas MacInnes documents the band’s June 2018 concert at Chicago’s United Center with a daring and innovative arts & photography book. This album features 150 color and black-and-white photos that capture the emotional impact of Depeche Mode’s legendary music through light, color and abstraction. This is what it feels like to jump in the mosh pit and dance in the stands with thousands of your friends.

This photo gallery is a testament to the power of music and art to inspire hearts and challenge minds and is an excellent book for music lovers and artists alike.

Sample Images: