Free Ebook Sale This Weekend (10/16 – 10/17)

This weekend, October 16-17, we are running a free promotion for all of our art & photography ebooks. This is to commemorate the 2019 Chicago Art Book Fair. The DT MEDIA crew will also be present today on the floor of the show: Marcee, Mr. Sparkle and myself.

Simply click on the link below to download your free ebook. Be sure to check out our entire library of titles as well. As always, thank you for your support.

Free Ebook Sale (Amazon Kindle)

Free Ebook Sale 4/30 – 5/1

I’m running a free promotion for my four newest ebook titles today (4/30) and tomorrow (5/1). The books included are Farewell Chicago Tribune, Blacklight, Trinitron Euphoria and Biotracer.

You can download these books by visiting my Amazon Author Page. Feel free to purchase any of my other books, which are available for as little as $2.99. Don’t forget to leave a short review as well, which always helps with sales and promotion.

On a related note, I have now finished updating all the blog posts for this website, adding in photos and captions and page breaks where necessary. Everything looks much better now. The only additional feature still needed is a search bar alongside the main menu, but that should be easy to implement. Happy reading!

New Books Now Available

My four latest art & photography books are now available on Amazon KDP Select. Farewell, Chicago Tribune, Blacklight, Trinitron Euphoria and Biotracer are now added to the Books section of this site. You can read a short description, view sample images and purchase a copy.

These are great books, my best work in street photography to date. These are great ebooks that are optimized for viewing on all digital devices. Be sure to download your copies today and help spread the word.

New Website Design & Updates

Great news for DT Media: after what feels like an eternity, I am giving this website a much-needed redesign. This has consumed much of my weekend, and I am now putting the final touches on the “Books” section of this site, updating with all of our published books. You can now select any book title from a gallery menu, which is something that I wanted to do for a very long. Each book page features a description and sample images, as well as the all-important Amazon link.

I enjoy this new site design a lot more than the previous one, which is more streamlined and similar to weblogs, which works easiest for me. This should also enable me to publish blog posts more frequently

On the publishing front, four new book titles will be available on Amazon tomorrow, April 29. I’ve been working relentlessly to publish as many art & photography books as I can, and I’m most proud of this latest batch. It’s my best work yet.

New Ebooks Available For Sale

We have four new book titles that have been added to our collection of published titles. They have been added to the Books section and feature screenshots, description and direct links to Amazon.

The four ebooks are: U2: Experience + Innocence, Depeche Mode: Spirit, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Garfield Park Conservatory. All are photography books that feature color and black-and-white photos, as well as essays. I worked on all these photo shoots during the summer, and am now finally able to present them to you in ebook format. It was very important to me that these books could be available in digital form, enabling for access to the widest possible audience. With great work and persistence, I was able to find a method of creating art ebooks that take up little physical space, thus allowing us to keep prices reasonably low.

More ebook titles will be released in the coming days and weeks. Expect our next title to drop on Friday. All of our arts & photography ebooks will soon be available in print formats as well.

As always, thank you for your support!