Bocanada (Issue 1)

Pop culture zine that features articles on film, music, video games and modern art.

48 pages. Release Date: 11/20/2018

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Bocanada: A Journal of Pop Culture and the Arts. This e-zine features articles and essays on movies, music, hi-fi audio, video games, politics and fine art. Author Daniel Thomas MacInnes (Zen Arcade: Classic Video Game Reviews, Pop Life) shares his insights and opinions with sharp wit and good humor.

This digital e-zine is a perfect copy of the physical edition and has been optimized for viewing on all digital devices.

Inside this issue:

– Altered Beast
– Sonic the Hedgehog
– Bonk’s Adventure
– Mega Man
– Street Fighter 2 Turbo
– Miles Davis: Get Up With It.
– Sony PS-X75 Biotracer Turntable
– Ice Cream For Crow: Princess Mononoke
– Kiki’s Delivery Service
– My Neighbors the Yamadas
– Art Gallery: Starbucks Edition

“If you haven’t discovered Daniel’s work, this is a fantastic introduction to his work. Don’t miss out on this refreshingly unique writer who brings evident intelligence and occasionally sharp-edged passion to the fore throughout its pages.”

– Michael Palisano

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