Bocanada Issue 1

Pop culture e-zine featuring articles on movies, music, video games and art.


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Bocanada is a zine dedicated to pop culture and the arts. It features articles on movies, music, video games and art. Many of the articles are also available in my books Zen Arcade, Pop Life and Greatest Hits. This ebook edition is a perfect copy of the print edition, and has been optimized for viewing on smartphones and tablets.

Inside this issue:

– Altered Beast
– Sonic the Hedgehog
– Bonk’s Adventure
– Mega Man
– Street Fighter 2 Turbo
– Miles Davis: Get Up With It.
– Sony PS-X75 Biotracer Turntable
– Ice Cream For Crow: Princess Mononoke
– Kiki’s Delivery Service
– My Neighbors the Yamadas
– Art Gallery: Starbucks Edition

48 pages. Full color. Release: Aug 2017/Nov 2018



Product Description:

Many years ago (longer than I care to admit), I created zines to nourish my love of writing and popular culture. I wrote about Star Trek and science-fiction, video games, music, art, and the ups and downs of daily life. They were created on simple desktop publishing software, word processors, and an assortment of clip art and marker pens. It was very low-tech, but highly enjoyable. I even managed to score some freelance writing work at GamePro, which was tremendous fun and a great learning experience.

Ever since then, I wanted to return to zines. I even had recurring dreams about finding an old computer with long-forgotten websites that were still active, and communicating with old friends. 21 years later, while working on my multiple book projects, I thought it would be fun to finally take the plunge again and create a zine that I could share with my readers and fans. And so Bocanada Issue 1 was born.

Bocanada: Pop Culture and the Arts — that long-winded title means, simply, that I get to write about whatever the heck I want, but largely aimed in the same direction as my writings on Ghibli Blog and my books Zen Arcade, Pop Life and Greatest Hits.

The cover image is another one of my artworks, a 2005 digital painting created entirely on computer. The title is an homage to Gustavo Cerati’s 1999 album, a glorious mashup of trip-hop, Radiohead and The Beatles.