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  •   Have you downloaded your free ebook yet? Click this link! Many years ago (longer than I care to admit), I created zines to nourish my love of writing and popular culture. I wrote about Star Trek and science-fiction, video games, music, art, and the ups and downs of daily life. They were created on simple desktop publishing software, word processors, and an assortment of clip art and marker pens. It was very low-tech, but highly enjoyable. I even managed to score some freelance writing work at GamePro, which was tremendous fun Ever since then, I wanted to return to zines. I even had recurring dreams about finding an old…

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  • Good Lord, this movie stinks. I had high hopes for The Simpson's Movie, and, indeed, it begins on a high note, with a great Itchy & Scratchy sequence that ends with Scratchy eating hundreds of nuclear warheads. Hah! Then the camera pans back to reveal we're watching a movie, where Homer Simpson stands and berates the audience for paying money to see a show they're already getting on television for free. Haha...more funny. Homer wasn't kidding. The jokes in this movie are good for about, oh, 20 minutes. Twenty minutes, the length of one decent TV. Then the writers lose any sense of creativity or wit, and plod along for…

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DT Media is an independent publishing label for print and digital formats. Our books address popular culture and the arts, including movies and television, music and audio, video games, fine art, and current events. Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and recently moved to Chicago, Illinois. Follow us on Ghibli Blog and social media!